Tuesday, July 15, 2008


hows everyone doing? all the army boys still surviving?
i hope everybody's up and healthy and in spore because im gonna hold a gathering!! woots. pls spread word to all 06s56ians if you know they dont read the blog. all are welcomed.

its probably gonna be 15th aug(tentative), 6pm! im still thinking whether i shld get a chalet or my house. i would very much love to host it at my place, BUT my tv isnt working! let me see what i can do about tt because it would be a big part of our entertainment, and i can set up a wi or smt. :))
anyhow, if at my place, cheaper also. probably buffet style yeah. so still must chip in abit but not as much as booking a chalet! so guys! make the 15th avaliable k! i tell yall so early, then yall can prepare and book it down! army boys, pls say you can! majority wins ok.

the reason for this gathering is because, singying and i are going overseas to study in sept. she's gg ireland and im gg scotland. i guess there are others gg overseas too so lets meet soon k! anyway, i'll be on a hol from the 28th of july to 10 aug. so ya.

in the mean time, PLS TAKE CARE. Cross the road look right look left then right again! im expecting replies via our tag board or my hp. so do get back to me PLS. :)

p/s: excuse my excellent singlish. :)) miss yall!


Posted by LKT at 3:08 AM