Monday, February 18, 2008

Thinking of holding a chalet during the 2 weeks off period for the ns guys, since most of us would be free during that time (no work/no bmt)

or a cruise?

or holiday


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Sunday, February 03, 2008

SO...s56 finally met up! and we couldnt stop talking about army. -_- well its okay! we dont mind! since thats all the guys have been experiencing for the past weeks while we ppl here, get to enjoy freedom.(whoops) :) oh!The ghost stories got me creeped up though. When i walked home, i had to call someone and talked to him to 'un-scare' myself. haha. Just some pictures below! As you can see, jh looks the most different huh! van and i both couldnt recg him when we came in! yw looks much tanner(oranger) and Shafiq! : they say you lost weight, but seriously, i cant really tell. HAHA. :P anyhow, i still love you guys. and lets crash mr lee's place during cny! :D

xl! nice hair huh!

now, we all know van can never open her eyes in pictures. hurr

and its our usual circle!

for more pictures, pls ask from me online ya! lovelove


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