Monday, January 28, 2008

hello ppl.(xl and van to be exact.)
2nd feb on or not?
we should totally have a senior plus junior class gathering for cny. like o7 and o5 batch. haha.


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Class dinner on feb 2nd?

feasible? since its a sat, its the 2nd week after the ns MEN book out(first week is family time :))


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello my dearest classmates!
hows everyonezz doingzzzzzzzzzzzz? (omg, im so ah lian. haha)
well Im at work now. in case u guys didnt know, im doing admin for WDA. some boring office job. and well, i got the comp and decided to drop smt here!

anywayzz, I MISS YOU GUYS! yes i do. we'll have a gathering after the army boys come out after the 25th alright!! see you ppl soon.

i miss van's lame laughter and jokes
i miss making fun of yw with everyone (i started liking her "SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME". was it tt? oh yw, dont kill me when u see this. )
i miss chuan lui's reatrdedness
i miss jiunn haur's brains
i miss the prcs! omg.. fly back xw!
i miss mr-nice-guy-xl
i miss SHA-BALLS!
i miss maggie mee
and our super star golfer
i miss zwing! (how was japan? is she even back yet?)
i miss rolling-eye-balls-honky-timothy
i miss sweet ping
and her handsome visoth
i miss the awesome dancer reuban (whom i was screaming ever so loudly for during music fest)
i miss act-B.E.A.U.TIFUL silvia! (haha, u are la ok?)

from your one and only,

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