Thursday, October 18, 2007


After quite some time on a non-materialistic place called Mother Earth, I realised 2 facts. Firstly, everyone wants to be rich. Lastly, everyone wants to be rich, and fast. These 18 years sort of taught me how to do so.

Scrooge. Be one. Doesn’t need any explanation does it?
Attack bargains, sales and good buys.
View your goods thoroughly to prevent faulty goods.
Eat only what’s enough. Tricky one for some.

Act blur when asked for a donation.
Never agree to lend your friends money. Without a contract, it’s hard to trust.
Don’t ever gamble. The only ever winners are bankers.

Win lucky draws that gives you cash or vouchers. Take part more that means.
Ogle at girls/guys, that’s enough. Don’t spend on them.
Return your library books on time! Singaporeans that is.
Keep your money in a safe place. Always.

Have your wealth placed in banks. Small interests add up.
Add guaranteed value to your wealth. Savings plans that ensure higher returns.
Riches are but possessions. Fight for it.
Distribute your money. A little everywhere. Finding it 10 years later gives joy.

Rather warped if you don’t get it. Try it though ;)

- Chuan Lui

Posted by Lawliet at 9:55 PM