Monday, March 27, 2006

Contact List

Hmm since Jun Hao was obviously lazy busy, I helped him make this contact list for everyone to pass messages next time ^^

For those of you at the end of the list, please SMS back Jun Hao when you receive the message so that he knows everyone has gotten the message. Thx =D

Contact list removed.


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

cs i

hey ya,

for my debut post.
i would like to show how much van knows about her phone.




and to further prove my point,


case closed.


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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Thanks joyce for the effort. I know you missed me lots.

Posted by Anonymous at 9:44 PM

hey guys.

sigh i'm missing everyone. anyway. here goes. photos. from long ago.

- zwing.

Posted by zwing at 2:29 AM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hope this sits well wif all...

Hey ppl... Is this new layout nice?
I took the whole of my morning to upload everything u noe...
Even took the effort to put in the photos
I think the whole thing is kinda cool leh
Leave ur comments kz? =)

ONE other thing!!
Can we please have a class outing this week?
Most of us should be able to find some free time ya?
Come on organise!!! xp


Posted by Joike at 11:19 AM

Sunday, March 12, 2006

hey u guys must blog la...tis blog is ********** (fill it in urself) dead.... cannot always same few people blog....


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Friday, March 10, 2006


as the new ct rep of the class(kidding), i'm here to welcome the 2nd intakers...hope u guys will enjoy our class...holidays are here...lets chill


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Saturday, March 04, 2006

honestly, after reading all your posts, i can't help but feel so guilty and sad all over again. although i have talked through these with my other friends coming into vjc through sports too, and have been told that we are accepted for our so-called talents, but i feel so bad when i think about how i'm taking up your space in vjc. i'm no smart-ass, i'm no guai kia and afterall in the end we will be tested on our studies. i'm really sorry for this kind of selfishness.

but i have had my share of fun in this short period of time. at first i was really afraid to come into a school of 'brains'. for all i know, most of you people could be all-rounders. well, i've indeed recognised a few now. for those who are leaving, wherever you all may go, you could actually achieve something bigger than me. for now, i just want to try my luck at being smarter, but you guys, your abilities is already there...


Posted by yf at 12:51 PM

Friday, March 03, 2006

Forget about results

Forget about postings

Enjoy Sunday.



I will miss you, Joyce (I know you will miss me too... everyone knows you have a crush on me....heh heh).
I will miss you, Xiruo, and I bet Jian Fei will, too.
I will miss you, Mr. Wu, and Mr. Tse, Mr. Cui.
And not forgetting HuiHui too.



Posted by Anonymous at 10:12 PM

Hey people. Seeing all the posts that jonk and x.l have written I can't help but have my eyes filled with tears again. It has not been a good day for me. Got a shock when i saw my posting results. I got posted to mj science and i was feeling really awlful cause i could not even get into tj arts course. I feel stupid looking and stoning in front of the computer screen. It was almost like life was over for me in that long silent moment. U noe i have really enjoyed my days in 06s56 it was really pure fun and crap. I love the class.

I never knew that such a fun group of people existed. Ya i have always felt that smart people are usually snobbish though with some exceptions. I found those exceptions in 06s56. Though i can never be part of u all again, only having memories to survive on, i will always remember the unity i felt when i'm with u guys.

All the cold and lame jokes, it was a wonder i din freeze in the company. I feel that our class actually has great potential. What i regret most about leaving vj is leaving u guys. I doubt that i'll find any other class that is as fun-loving and relaxing as 06s56. 2 months had seemed like a long time when i first joined vj but now, in the blink of an eye, we are soon to be parted. As much as i hate it, i should say that this is quite inevitable. The word FOREVER just don exist in this context.

Okie lets not be so negative le. I guess wherever we go we will succeed if we do our best maybe we'll even meet each other 2 yrs later (for gals) and 4 yrs later (for guys) in university. Lets look forward to that okie?

06s56. Soar on those wings that would take u to new places and new heights. Have faith in urself. all of us were born to succeed.

I will miss all of u lots. My first few friends in VJ. I'll remember all of u de. Memories... All i wish to ask of u all is to rmb me. =)


Posted by Joike at 6:20 PM

hey where u'r gg on the tagboard okay? (:

love, van

Posted by vannessa at 9:30 AM

Thursday, March 02, 2006

hey people

since jonk posted such a long post, i'll copy her and do the same thing

in another couple hours, some of s56 will be leaving...hard to believe it, but yes, 2 months has passed, just in a blink of an eye, and everything's gonna change again... they say change are for the better, how total bullshit.

how great it'll be if wished came true, that everyone will stay, that we go to school to chat and not have lessons and have no homework, and that we'll have no chem make up lessons :)) but sadly, nope wishes do not come true, for if they do i'll be king of the world and all of you will be my slaves building me pyramids and statues... just kidding

yes we must part, and we must face that fact no matter wat...but before you leave, think about these past 2 months...i can't say they were the best days of my life, but it'll definitely be a memorable part of mine, jiunn haur and his cold jokes, appu and his ' tks ah' quotes, shu kit and his laughter blah blah... the list can go on forever...i hoped everyone enjoyed the past 2 months, and i'll remember all of you for life, and that you had the time of your life...lastly i wish everyone best in their endeavours(is it correctly spelled?) and in wadeva they do...cheerios

from x.l

Posted by XiangLong at 11:04 PM

here goes nothing,dearly beloved

okay babes.since this is probably the last few days of me actually being a part of 06s56, i guess il blog here for once.iv been avoiding blogging too long,too lazy.

anyhows its not the time to be lazy now i guess.totally not.i know i have to leave,iv like said this a million's inevitable.i guess no one's good at accept inevitable stuff.but we all do.there isn much choice in it is there? if it happens it happens.

i guess i never thought abt leaving as a possibility when i entered vj la.i don't really know what happened,but i guess we can't always have the easy way around that i DO have to leave for..some place vj or's rather hard.harder at first when im having lots of fun with you guys..cracking up and falling in love with the class..but now as i start getting serious and focussing on what lies ahead of me,it does scare me honestly.scares me to death to know that my once perfect and comfortable class is going to be taken away from me,and i might not be able to again find a little corner in a huge jc where i can call my comfort zone once my name is off the register of s56.

im not a person who accepts changes easily.totally not a change-easy person.i do adapt in favourable situations..that is,situations that involve easy going non-superficial (or non-obvious-superficial) people with charisma,intelligence and plain fun in them.i don't think being an SC girl has made me the all-outgoing sort of person i think i sometimes am,rather i think that its the good and fun environment lyk our class that helps bring that out in ppl.we have fun superficialities most of the time.just simple honest fun.i liked that.i still like it now.hope you guys never ever change as the jc life tgt progresses yeah.

umm,if i hadn made up my mind to NOT do chem,i wld still be pleading to stay with the class.however,knowing that i really DO NOT want to do chem and that i have to face facts that i AM NOT as smart as you guys (science freaks ;)) are,and that i really am a balanced person who's comfortable with a LITTLE bit of this and that in my subject combinations,im taking it more easily abt the that i guess the possibility of me even staying in beloved vj is like,smaller than ever before,..well..take it one step at a time i guess.easy to say,not very easy to do..but il get over you guys soon ;) HAHA or maybe i never will?wont.

well enough of the weepy i made a discovery about myself while lying on my bed reading the 2nd summer of the sisterhood (of the travelling pants..sorry to make u gag but ITS GOOD) i rolled over and decided to look at my china photo that's pasted on the wall.whoever's seen it,its me and a bunch of china girls all decked in winter wear.i realized,that i have INTENSE EYES! (: mona lisa,when i do a photograph or sth,i don't just look at the camera.i look at the person looking at my's an ongoing,moving the mona lisa.ah! it's like iv sth to tell you,and i can SEE's true!good discovery for a lousy sian day thanks to the class dispersing aft assembly.

i actually went home with my bike.

okay i think im running out of things to say,so il end this one and only post by jonk HERE.if you guys ever decide to like miss me or something,rmb that it's just all of you missing one person.and that it's me,one person,missing all you guys.i love you,im quite sure.

'..then she left as quickly as she had come.'

2nd Jan-3rd March 2006

Posted by jonk at 9:51 PM


looks like we got a class outing planned on sunday... Hopefully everybody will turn up. =) Haiz trust me to say this when i myself is not sure whether i can make it not, Lol!

So what u all plan to do on that day? Don tell me that we are going to rollar skate cause i confirm fall de. xp so plan it out and make it sound real fun so i will be tempted to go. Hahaz... Today full day off eh? Free then blog about what u all did today leh if not this blog would be rendered dead...


Posted by Joike at 1:44 PM

Class outing

3/5/2006 - 1530 hrs

Mission Objectives:


Mission Brief:

UNKNOWN - To Be Advised

Just come down for the party guys! For farewell and class bonding la....

- j.h.

Posted by Anonymous at 12:25 PM