Friday, January 27, 2006

Yellow shoelaces!

Whoo~ Hey ppl! I bought something for our class identity for the cross country day leh. See i so nice right? Lolz.. Jk. OKie so basicalli i bought neon yellow shoelaces for everyone and they cost $1.50 per pair of shoelaces. Yup i bought them at minitoons. It is nice!!! So everybody pls remember to bring $$ to pay softie cause i got $$ frm him to get them... Think on that day can i get all of u to meet somewhere in the canteen and relace our shoes?? okie??

And .. Rmb our date... Lunch! =)


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Class lunch

Guys/gals, we are meeting after x-ctry for lunch. Make yourself free for the sake of class spirit k? Some of us may no longer be around after the results are out, so cherish the time we have together. Come on!!!


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Here is a picture of Softie...Heh Heh. CLICK!

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Let me continue the 06s56 blog trend...I am utterly bored...Lame class, lame C.T. rep., lame...

Here is a class joke:
"Hey Shi Ba Zhang, what is that?"

"Lemon Tea."

"Is it nice?"

"Yea, taste like Lemon Tea."

Great...Xiang Long, Chuan Lui and Shu Kit have all caught my lame disease. We might need to get mroe walking sticks. Class fund, anyone?


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A snapple fact

"An average human spends 2 wks kissing".. Who ever thought of that?!?! HAhaz... That is so random...

I'm bored. And our class is mad. Bursts of laughter in LT1 wad a nice memory. That droning guy said the exact same thing for two lessons. Dumbness... Ursa banner. Abstract art. Coolness.. Chem. Grr... G**!!! Went and did sum on the board. Copied jonk's work cause i din do. Hahaz... Evil me ya? xp SLV that's gonna be fun. Apu-Adu i asked him go compose more songs for his chinese namesake. Well.. we shall see wad he come up wif. Clashing and mashing indian and chinese culture!! That'll be WOW!

This is realli v v random so b4 i do any further damage i shall say bye.. Till next time. LOL. xp


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Monday, January 23, 2006

blah blah blah

i'm utterly i dropped by to spam the blog hahaz... maybe we should all wish xiang wang get well soon... i guess getting chicken pox stinks...but i haven gotten it yet... any suggestions how to send him our regards? card flowers blah?


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hello everybody!!

we are at the computer lab now having gp!!! but i dun think anyone of us are actually researching??? haha. i just found out the password and username all from zwing.. haha. so this is the first time im blogging!! haha.

i dun think mr kan has any idea that we're being so naughty... let me descibe to u wad's happening now:

jianfei is typing smt a\on the comp and smiling to himself at the same time.. i think he might be on msn? haha

sock hwee is toking so loudly to visoth who is reading his research book ( that he borrowed form the library...) so guai... haha..

omg! shu kit mag yu fang and shiliang are actually discussing the essay!!!!!! shit... so not everyone is slacking but oh wth!! haha

i think jonnk and joyce are busy doing smt else at the comp... they are like poutting their heads on the table... haha

kamal xiang long and zhonghui are serving frenster!!!! they are looking at the contact list and laughing at ppl's photos!!! right! haha

i think ping is researching.. she looks very concentrated as to wwad she's doing on the comp. haha

apu is having a comp all to himslef! wad a greedy pig. he's like sitting at the corner of the classroom... PRETENDING to be innoncently researching! haha.

jiunn haur looks damn sian. he's leaning his head agst the wall and bitting his lips. haha.

there's not enuff time for me to describe the rest. periods gonna end soon. so yar! take care s56-ers!!!! love ya alls! :)

we have a rockin class!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Great job guys! Thanks to everyone, we have completed the CNY banner.
Current tasks:

1) SLV proposal (Mr. Lee agreed to postpone the deadline to next Fri)
2) URSA banner (Next Fri)
3) Victorian quilt (Not sure of deadline. Please sms me if you know.)

Chuan Lui has volunteered to design the URSA banner (CHEERS!), but should anyone of you have any ideas, please feel free to tell the class.

The current idea that we have for the quilt is to put down everyone's nicknames and try to arrange them nicely onto the quilt pieces. Presently, we have:

Apu as Ah Du (the local Chinese singer, contributed by Mr. Lee)

Visoth as Softie (the 7-Eleven ice-cream, contributed by Shu Kit)

Sing Ying as SingING

Pingsari as Ping

Magdelyn as Mac

Xiang Long as 十八掌 (a name of a kungfu move in a famous Chinese novel)

Shu Kit as Mr. Kiang

Xiang Wang as LoanShark

Jian Fei as 减肥 (pun, means slim down)

If you have anymore, post them here.

C.T. Rep. Jun Hao

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


suggestions. any?

i think we shld take a vote for blogskin/bg song/javascripts.

please attach links/song name/script name eg. snowscript/scrollbar/cursor/window status bar(the one just above the bar with the 'start' button on it)

also, feel free to post ur blog links in the following format:


link name

blog link

ty ^^


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Monday, January 16, 2006

wow! we have got a blog!!

I realli can't believe this! It has onli been 2 weeks and our class is so enthu to have started a blog... So far i think that our class is quite bonded, me still trying to match the face to the 25 names!! I'm real sorrie if i look at u and go "er er..." juz because i forgot ur name. Lolz...
OKie la.. i'm juz here to have a peep at our blog. Love it yets i don realli think the tamplate is suitable. Well, we shall see...
Keep the posts coming!

yi* (joyce)

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How to post

Here is how to post:
1. Read the invitation email
2. Click the link that says, "click to accept invitation" or something similar.
3. The link will bring you to Sign in using your account or create one if you don't have.
4. After you have done that, the blog will be added to your account and will appear on your dashboard. Click on the link to the blog.
5. You will be brought to the edit page. Click on the tab "Posting" and you can start posting.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tentative plan

My OGL told me that we can paint behind the T-block, but we can't do it during our breaks because the teachers don't really like it. That means we have to paint after school. That means we have to rush. That means...well...that means a lot of things. Of course, it would make things better if everyone tries to come down to help whenever they can. The more people we have, the less time we need, the less days we need to stay back after school. *hint *hint...

C.T. Rep. Jun Hao

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Hi Hi Hi! This shall be our noticeboard. Post what you want, but please practise common sense. Please email me if you have any comments or if you wish to have administrator access.

C.T. Rep. Jun Hao

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