Sunday, December 17, 2006

van here! since our blog chairman xl is busy with his pool comp i shall hog this blog and blog as if its my own blog :)

isnt the weather great today? it was a Rainy Day aka a Slp-Whole-Day day for moi. i woke up at 1 pm and slept again at 5 pm! i just couldnt resist my carnal instincts to take an afternoon nap. (fyi, humans are programmed biologically to slp in the afternoon)

for the ill-informed, we had our class chalet on 4 5 6 dec. it was so happening man! the guys played winning 11 the whole time. the number of xx chromosomes present were soooooo pathetic. it actually numbered 0 on the first day! :s and we finished watching LOTR! whoo wad an achievement :::::) we also discussed impt issues such as
a) hu to vote as new ct rep. those present know hu to sabo alr (:
b) where to go for jts next yr. preferably somewhere expensive and den dun stj them like our snrs hahaha and last but definitely the most impt
c) ECONS PROJECT. i bet everyone except jh forgot abt that rite rite rite. dun bluff i know u cant even rmb hu ur grp members are *gives knowing smile

so anws. everyone hu went overseas surrender ur presents on the first day of sch!!!! or u are outta s56. haha. and with the exception of jh & yw the rest PLS STUDY FOR R PAPERS PLS STUDY FOR R PAPERS PLS STUDY FOR R PAPERS. and do ur maths tutorials so that mr teo can gossip more with us next yr! :D

xl, cl, jh, cs, yf and zwing and i have also been working at conrad hotel. so they are rich and u can ask them for a treat. im sure they would gladly give u one :) :) no i would have lost all my earnings at mahjong alr so dun bother asking me. bares teeth

good luck for pool comp tmr Kevin Ng!
oh ya. xl now calls himself kevin. sucha hip name :)

Posted by vannessa at 11:40 PM