Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hi it’s me again!

So me and some others have been working in Conrad Centennial Singapore for the past few days (and still counting). Walked in and out of the kitchen, pastry, managerial offices etc. and not to mention, the dreaded loading bay.

So being attached to the gift shop for now, the pastry and kitchen are top on the list of my visited places at work. All the chefs hard at work rushing cakes, turkeys and every other thing else. Some, complaining, very grouchy and look as if they’re going to use the knife in their pocket to kill the turkey. Ooops. o.O

Of course there’s the business section and so on. Some very courteous and kind, and look half-dead after the guest leaves. Some treat it will due pride and showing their passion to each and every customer or guest.

So service, or food making, a quote was created within me.

You may feel you’re at the top of asia, in a top hotel with top employers and top employees creating top service or top products. You get top rankings, top ratings, and top awards. But you’re never really at the top, unless all the top people, do everything, from the bottom of their heart.

This is not a criticism at Conrad. They’ve been excellent to be honest. Great passion. Just an example. Get the idea and that will do. Well enjoy your remaining holidays and have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! =)


Posted by Yong Wen at 8:51 PM