Monday, November 27, 2006

chalet: 4 5 6 DEC
How to get there : stick out ur hand on any busy street, tell the driver that stops for u, safra changi.

jus kidding, there's a shuttle bus at tanah merah mrt. so i guess we should be meeting there and going off together.

please bring any poker cards you have.

PS 2. whoever has it, please bring it. tag if you are doing so. even if PS 1 we dun mind. X box also can. bring games too please. though i bet a simple winning 11 can entertatin us guys for 3 days straight.

chuan lui pls bring ur mahjong set tks.

DVDs. please bring. we dun mind korean dramas as well. just in case we have nth to do, korean dramas are welcomed.

last but not least. liquor! sock hwee and i are collaborating on this one haha.

bring cash! man you think its free is it.


Posted by XiangLong at 2:28 PM