Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Breaking news

After the shocking news yesterday ( read , the ministry has once again declared shocking news.

Project Work has been abolished.

Yes this seems so, according to the reports we have recieved so far, this scheme that has been implented for the past 5 years so far, has indeed been cancelled.

One official, who declines to be name (yet again) says that, " this scheme has not been beneficial. We've recieved numerous reports on its ineffectiveness, sleeping members etc."

When quried on the ministry's ever fluctuating stand on education policies, he said : " we must be flexible. what's gd ysterday, may not be so today" when probed further, he whispered: " actually hur, its just the new education minister X.L wants to suck up to the students only. everyday change here change there, he think we so free ar. Now u see la, we have to arrange PE teachers to do other things. so troublesome."

The new policy comes as a relief to students, who have been suffering under it.

one student, kuddy (again!) says: @!#!$%!~$ of all times, we jus finish, he go cancel ! i want future generations to suffer too! i hate slackers!

other students, like this one, welcomes the change

cesc: i dun mind la, i also dun do much. is always cl do one.

reported by : N.X.L

jus kidding. not cancelled. now go do ur wr people

Posted by XiangLong at 10:37 PM