Friday, April 07, 2006

The Signs of Aging

The following excerpt was taken from an MSN Messenger conversation in which Chuan Lui describes his life at the moment. Special thanks to MSN® Messenger®.

I feel that I'm aging. Real soon. Real fast. Real rapidly. 10 signs to show it.

  1. I begin treasuring every sunrise I see. Though I'm usually copying homework in the concourse and see nothing but "All - Hall". For I'm not sure if I'd see the sunrise tomorrow.

  2. I appear to be like a real bummer, delegating duties and assigning responsibilities. But I just want to make sure nothing somewhere will be incomplete without me.

  3. I go around tasting palatable good food I used to enjoy. For I wonder what incense will taste like.

  4. y=ex. Reflect that in the x-axis. That'd probably be how exponentially my energy level is decreasing everyday.

  5. I wonder if me being in the family is really a treasure. Or am i just grass. Translate that into chinese yourself because I just lack the energy to do so.

  6. Looking into the mirror, I see hair that is no longer black. In fact it contrasts with that.

  7. Ask a teenager what coke is like to him. And you'd probably know what coffee is like to me. Simple perking.

  8. "Yo what's up!" no longer appeals to me as a greeting. It lost to "WAH GIA LIT BO TAI JI ZO, SI BEH SIAN AR!"

  9. When I see pretty girls, I really wish they were mine. My granddaughters. Such that I can show them off to the other ah peks at the coffee shop the next day.

  10. I start to search for my Design and Technology (DnT) notes in secondary school. I want the best kind of lacquered wood to sleep with for the rest of my life. Or is it only 5 days after which they'd just make me so hot.

GP issues? Perhaps.

Some elderly in Singapore begin to feel that they are ostracised by the society. Discuss.

I hope my points helped.

© 2006 Ho Chuan Lui
- YW

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