Saturday, April 15, 2006


I so agree wif xl~
But u muz also agree that he does contribute to the "atmosphere" of this blog eh?

Think nowadays got more things to read on class blog le. Yet the ppl that frequent this place is still the same old ppl.
Maybe i should like share about mj's life. =)

Hmm.. Yup for those of u who might not noe, i'm in mj.It is not too bad a sch actually except the fact that we don have lots of fun everyday.The common phrase that u hear is "Wan to go to the library to mug??"I must say that the culture is really not as charming as vj
and u noe wad?? the common destination of ppl after sch is either the library or home.Last week was chocolate week and they had chocolate fondue leh!!!Rmb our fundraising attempt?? xp

Yup. So more about the sch. It has a main theme colour of dark blue and grey which makes ppl remark that it looks like a jail. The food in the school canteen is also of comparable standard to those found in jails or even hospitals. Yuck! Vj ppl be glad of ur canteen okie. I totally miss the food there!! Brownies, malay rice, fresh watermelon juice, snapple.... Chuan lui and his daily fix of black coffee...lolz.

I kinda miss the aircons in every classroom too!! Here i have to endure the hot blazing sun(though it has been raining almost daily! xp) everyday!! I miss the free seating previliage that u all have. We are stuck in one fixed corner for the whole year!! No chance to sit wherever we like and also couples can't sit together. Teachers are forever present during lectures to check on u and the lecturers are ...well i donno how to describe. Now that i have experienced all the lectures, I can safely say that vj's maths lecture is the best man. It is the most comprehensive and the one wif the most examples! U come try mj's one and most prob u will juz end up all blur. xp

And ppl! Pls don complain about the amount of assignments that u have to hand in okie!! I have to hand in my assignments+tutorials+lecture notes for checking! No chance for me to be slip-shod in my work le. And my class only has ONE boy. Haiz.. The thorn amongst all the roses. They are also not lame so my lame jokes goes unappreciated. Haiz..

Btw, how's our class tee?? xp
Takkaire all,

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