Saturday, March 04, 2006

honestly, after reading all your posts, i can't help but feel so guilty and sad all over again. although i have talked through these with my other friends coming into vjc through sports too, and have been told that we are accepted for our so-called talents, but i feel so bad when i think about how i'm taking up your space in vjc. i'm no smart-ass, i'm no guai kia and afterall in the end we will be tested on our studies. i'm really sorry for this kind of selfishness.

but i have had my share of fun in this short period of time. at first i was really afraid to come into a school of 'brains'. for all i know, most of you people could be all-rounders. well, i've indeed recognised a few now. for those who are leaving, wherever you all may go, you could actually achieve something bigger than me. for now, i just want to try my luck at being smarter, but you guys, your abilities is already there...


Posted by yf at 12:51 PM