Friday, March 03, 2006

Hey people. Seeing all the posts that jonk and x.l have written I can't help but have my eyes filled with tears again. It has not been a good day for me. Got a shock when i saw my posting results. I got posted to mj science and i was feeling really awlful cause i could not even get into tj arts course. I feel stupid looking and stoning in front of the computer screen. It was almost like life was over for me in that long silent moment. U noe i have really enjoyed my days in 06s56 it was really pure fun and crap. I love the class.

I never knew that such a fun group of people existed. Ya i have always felt that smart people are usually snobbish though with some exceptions. I found those exceptions in 06s56. Though i can never be part of u all again, only having memories to survive on, i will always remember the unity i felt when i'm with u guys.

All the cold and lame jokes, it was a wonder i din freeze in the company. I feel that our class actually has great potential. What i regret most about leaving vj is leaving u guys. I doubt that i'll find any other class that is as fun-loving and relaxing as 06s56. 2 months had seemed like a long time when i first joined vj but now, in the blink of an eye, we are soon to be parted. As much as i hate it, i should say that this is quite inevitable. The word FOREVER just don exist in this context.

Okie lets not be so negative le. I guess wherever we go we will succeed if we do our best maybe we'll even meet each other 2 yrs later (for gals) and 4 yrs later (for guys) in university. Lets look forward to that okie?

06s56. Soar on those wings that would take u to new places and new heights. Have faith in urself. all of us were born to succeed.

I will miss all of u lots. My first few friends in VJ. I'll remember all of u de. Memories... All i wish to ask of u all is to rmb me. =)


Posted by Joike at 6:20 PM