Thursday, March 02, 2006

hey people

since jonk posted such a long post, i'll copy her and do the same thing

in another couple hours, some of s56 will be leaving...hard to believe it, but yes, 2 months has passed, just in a blink of an eye, and everything's gonna change again... they say change are for the better, how total bullshit.

how great it'll be if wished came true, that everyone will stay, that we go to school to chat and not have lessons and have no homework, and that we'll have no chem make up lessons :)) but sadly, nope wishes do not come true, for if they do i'll be king of the world and all of you will be my slaves building me pyramids and statues... just kidding

yes we must part, and we must face that fact no matter wat...but before you leave, think about these past 2 months...i can't say they were the best days of my life, but it'll definitely be a memorable part of mine, jiunn haur and his cold jokes, appu and his ' tks ah' quotes, shu kit and his laughter blah blah... the list can go on forever...i hoped everyone enjoyed the past 2 months, and i'll remember all of you for life, and that you had the time of your life...lastly i wish everyone best in their endeavours(is it correctly spelled?) and in wadeva they do...cheerios

from x.l

Posted by XiangLong at 11:04 PM