Thursday, March 02, 2006

here goes nothing,dearly beloved

okay babes.since this is probably the last few days of me actually being a part of 06s56, i guess il blog here for once.iv been avoiding blogging too long,too lazy.

anyhows its not the time to be lazy now i guess.totally not.i know i have to leave,iv like said this a million's inevitable.i guess no one's good at accept inevitable stuff.but we all do.there isn much choice in it is there? if it happens it happens.

i guess i never thought abt leaving as a possibility when i entered vj la.i don't really know what happened,but i guess we can't always have the easy way around that i DO have to leave for..some place vj or's rather hard.harder at first when im having lots of fun with you guys..cracking up and falling in love with the class..but now as i start getting serious and focussing on what lies ahead of me,it does scare me honestly.scares me to death to know that my once perfect and comfortable class is going to be taken away from me,and i might not be able to again find a little corner in a huge jc where i can call my comfort zone once my name is off the register of s56.

im not a person who accepts changes easily.totally not a change-easy person.i do adapt in favourable situations..that is,situations that involve easy going non-superficial (or non-obvious-superficial) people with charisma,intelligence and plain fun in them.i don't think being an SC girl has made me the all-outgoing sort of person i think i sometimes am,rather i think that its the good and fun environment lyk our class that helps bring that out in ppl.we have fun superficialities most of the time.just simple honest fun.i liked that.i still like it now.hope you guys never ever change as the jc life tgt progresses yeah.

umm,if i hadn made up my mind to NOT do chem,i wld still be pleading to stay with the class.however,knowing that i really DO NOT want to do chem and that i have to face facts that i AM NOT as smart as you guys (science freaks ;)) are,and that i really am a balanced person who's comfortable with a LITTLE bit of this and that in my subject combinations,im taking it more easily abt the that i guess the possibility of me even staying in beloved vj is like,smaller than ever before,..well..take it one step at a time i guess.easy to say,not very easy to do..but il get over you guys soon ;) HAHA or maybe i never will?wont.

well enough of the weepy i made a discovery about myself while lying on my bed reading the 2nd summer of the sisterhood (of the travelling pants..sorry to make u gag but ITS GOOD) i rolled over and decided to look at my china photo that's pasted on the wall.whoever's seen it,its me and a bunch of china girls all decked in winter wear.i realized,that i have INTENSE EYES! (: mona lisa,when i do a photograph or sth,i don't just look at the camera.i look at the person looking at my's an ongoing,moving the mona lisa.ah! it's like iv sth to tell you,and i can SEE's true!good discovery for a lousy sian day thanks to the class dispersing aft assembly.

i actually went home with my bike.

okay i think im running out of things to say,so il end this one and only post by jonk HERE.if you guys ever decide to like miss me or something,rmb that it's just all of you missing one person.and that it's me,one person,missing all you guys.i love you,im quite sure.

'..then she left as quickly as she had come.'

2nd Jan-3rd March 2006

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