Sunday, February 19, 2006


I almost forgot to blog about this!! How can i when it had made my jaw dropped when i heard it?!?! Haiz.. juz forgetful me.

So wad happened was this.. Ytd was jts and for ur information(to all those idiotic and lazy ppl who din went) We went to fish and co. Apparently the abscence of jun hao is fondly felt by none other than XIRUO!! She was moaning and groaning asking why jun hao din come!! HAhaz... U should have seen her expression!!! OOh... Now we noe don we?? Maybe something is brewing. Well, we shall all wait and see.. xp

I was asked to blog this. Don get angry. Only reporting as it is. Freedom of the media!! Long live media!! Lolz...


Posted by Joike at 8:06 PM