Friday, February 17, 2006


This blog is obviously not receiving its deserved attention, a disturbing observation which is particulary emphasised by the fact that Huihui didn't even know about its existence until 1013 hrs on 17 February 2006. This atrocity has incurred the wrath of your beloved C.T. rep., the noble immortal who spent 10,000 years training under THE UNKNOWN MASTER (thats means I 无师自通 - learnt without a teacher, usually used to describe a genius) to create and build this blog. As a result, the Noble One has, after much deliberation, decided to post some crap to spice up the blog and bring down the temperature. O' praise the Noble One...


Anyway, I am thinking of getting a REAL domain and hiring Yong Wen's expertise (who asked him to show off) to create a website for the class. We can upload games and challenge each other for high score, like a classical contest (well, nation-wide is national, zone-wide is zonal, so class-wide is classical). Forum dicussion, photo and file sharing, the works. OR maybe a forum page will do. That will probably generate more traffic.

Posted by Anonymous at 5:45 PM