Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A snapple fact

"An average human spends 2 wks kissing".. Who ever thought of that?!?! HAhaz... That is so random...

I'm bored. And our class is mad. Bursts of laughter in LT1 wad a nice memory. That droning guy said the exact same thing for two lessons. Dumbness... Ursa banner. Abstract art. Coolness.. Chem. Grr... G**!!! Went and did sum on the board. Copied jonk's work cause i din do. Hahaz... Evil me ya? xp SLV that's gonna be fun. Apu-Adu i asked him go compose more songs for his chinese namesake. Well.. we shall see wad he come up wif. Clashing and mashing indian and chinese culture!! That'll be WOW!

This is realli v v random so b4 i do any further damage i shall say bye.. Till next time. LOL. xp


Posted by Joike at 9:13 PM