Monday, January 23, 2006

hello everybody!!

we are at the computer lab now having gp!!! but i dun think anyone of us are actually researching??? haha. i just found out the password and username all from zwing.. haha. so this is the first time im blogging!! haha.

i dun think mr kan has any idea that we're being so naughty... let me descibe to u wad's happening now:

jianfei is typing smt a\on the comp and smiling to himself at the same time.. i think he might be on msn? haha

sock hwee is toking so loudly to visoth who is reading his research book ( that he borrowed form the library...) so guai... haha..

omg! shu kit mag yu fang and shiliang are actually discussing the essay!!!!!! shit... so not everyone is slacking but oh wth!! haha

i think jonnk and joyce are busy doing smt else at the comp... they are like poutting their heads on the table... haha

kamal xiang long and zhonghui are serving frenster!!!! they are looking at the contact list and laughing at ppl's photos!!! right! haha

i think ping is researching.. she looks very concentrated as to wwad she's doing on the comp. haha

apu is having a comp all to himslef! wad a greedy pig. he's like sitting at the corner of the classroom... PRETENDING to be innoncently researching! haha.

jiunn haur looks damn sian. he's leaning his head agst the wall and bitting his lips. haha.

there's not enuff time for me to describe the rest. periods gonna end soon. so yar! take care s56-ers!!!! love ya alls! :)

we have a rockin class!

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