Thursday, January 19, 2006

Great job guys! Thanks to everyone, we have completed the CNY banner.
Current tasks:

1) SLV proposal (Mr. Lee agreed to postpone the deadline to next Fri)
2) URSA banner (Next Fri)
3) Victorian quilt (Not sure of deadline. Please sms me if you know.)

Chuan Lui has volunteered to design the URSA banner (CHEERS!), but should anyone of you have any ideas, please feel free to tell the class.

The current idea that we have for the quilt is to put down everyone's nicknames and try to arrange them nicely onto the quilt pieces. Presently, we have:

Apu as Ah Du (the local Chinese singer, contributed by Mr. Lee)

Visoth as Softie (the 7-Eleven ice-cream, contributed by Shu Kit)

Sing Ying as SingING

Pingsari as Ping

Magdelyn as Mac

Xiang Long as 十八掌 (a name of a kungfu move in a famous Chinese novel)

Shu Kit as Mr. Kiang

Xiang Wang as LoanShark

Jian Fei as 减肥 (pun, means slim down)

If you have anymore, post them here.

C.T. Rep. Jun Hao

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